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Upload & Approval Instructions

So you've placed your order? Well, now it's time for the fun part - artwork submission! If you hit a snag at any point, please do not hesitate to email our Graphics & Prepress Department at

Before uploading your design file, please take a moment to review this checklist of the most common design pitfalls. If you are unsure about any of the following items, please refer to our Artwork Guidelines page.

Pitfalls to avoid:

Check Your Inbox

Once your order is placed, please allow us a little time to verify and create your order in our artwork approval system, endearingly called InstaProof. As soon as your order is verified you will receive an email notifying you that an Order has been created in our approval system and that there is a Job in a state of Waiting for Artwork.

While Order is pretty clear in definition, think of the term Job more as Product or SKU. For example, if you’ve ordered a display and a podium graphic, there will be two Jobs in that Order as you need to upload one file each for those items to move into production.

Once you receive the email, click the button that says "Click here to view". This link will take you directly to the Job in our artwork approval system in a browser.

Upload Your Artwork

Once you are in InstaProof, you should see that your artwork is still in a state of Waiting for Artwork. To upload your artwork, either click the "Upload Artwork” button to browse your computer for your artwork file or drag-and-drop your artwork directly on the window.

Don’t close your browser until you see your artwork in the proof area!

Leave your browser tab open while the upload completes. The uploaded file will be processed and a proof will be created. This generally takes a few minutes but the larger the file, the longer it will take - thanks for being patient!

Once the proof is ready you will see your artwork in the proof area. The artwork approval system will also notify you via email that the job is Awaiting Approval.

Preflighting, Revisions, Reviews & Getting Help

At this point you may see a number next to the Preflight Report button. If you do, this means you have an issue to resolve and you may need to review our ARTWORK GUIDELINES and resubmit a revised design file. Clicking the button will open a window with preflight information about your file - take careful note of any errors. If you don't see a number then move onto reviewing the safety area otherwise move onto submitting a revision.

If for any reason you’d like to upload a new file, click “Reject.” This will change the status of the job to Waiting for Revision and will allow you to start over again at the Uploading Your Artwork step. Due to the high volume of orders and art we receive on a daily basis, we currently are not following up with customers about when they will be resubmitting so please be conscious of your timeline!

The bleed area of your design is cropped off the proof, and the grey overlay around the border indicates the safety area within your design. In general, critical logos, text, etc. should not be under the grey safety area. If this looks good then move onto the next step, Approve Your Artwork.

If you have any questions about your artwork, please use the comments pane to send a message to our Graphics & Prepress staff.

Approve Your Artwork

Review your proof carefully! All approvals are final!

If your artwork looks correct and ready to print, click the green “Approve” button and we’re on our way!

All Jobs associated with an Order will need to be approved before we can begin print production!

If you have any questions or if you would like a PDF-version of the above, please do not hesitate to email our Graphics & Prepress Department at or comment directly into the Comment pane of the artwork approval system.