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Tru-Fit Cloud 2D Flat Hanging Sign 3.0


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Banners abound at trade shows. Developing effective, memorable signage is hard – especially on a budget! That’s why we’ve developed the Tru-Fit Cloud 2D Flat Sign. Not only does this sign kick the everyday banner up a notch, it also gives you flexibility in where and how you use it.

The Tru-Fit Cloud 2D Flat Sign begins with a durable, lightweight aluminum frame establishing depth to an otherwise flat sign. The frame has a thick tube diameter for easy handling and large, easy-to-use push-pin connectors. Everything is clearly labeled making assembly fast and stress-free. It has four height options.

Your graphic is printed on dye-sublimated stretch fabric giving it a beautiful, high-resolution output. The fabric wraps around the frame for a polished finish. The fabric is machine washable and can be printed single-sided or double-sided. Replacement graphics are available.

Use this 2D Flat Sign at trade shows, in public venues as a temporary billboard, as a directional indicator during corporate events, in retail offices,… Its versatility is endless. It fits neatly into a compact travel case so it’s ready to go where ever you need to take it.
  • (1) Tru-Fit Cloud 3.0 2D Flat Hanging Sign Hardware with Harness
  • (1) High-Resolution Dye-Sub Tension Fabric Print (Single- or Double-Sided)
  • (1) Canvas Carrying Case



Artwork Required Fabric Print Machine-Washable Two-Person Setup 25-Minute Setup


Assembled Dimensions 8ft x 3ft: 96"W x 2”D x 36"H
8ft x 4ft: 96"W x 2”D x 48"H
8ft x 5ft: 96"W x 2”D x 60"H
10ft x 3ft: 120"W x 2”D x 36"H
10ft x 4ft: 120"W x 2”D x 48"H
10ft x 5ft: 120"W x 2”D x 60"H
12ft x 3ft: 144"W x 2”D x 36"H
12ft x 4ft: 144"W x 2”D x 48"H
12ft x 5ft: 144"W x 2”D x 60"H
15ft x 3ft: 180"W x 2”D x 36"H
15ft x 4ft: 180"W x 2”D x 48"H
15ft x 5ft: 180"W x 2”D x 60"H
20ft x 3ft: 240"W x 2”D x 36"H
20ft x 4ft: 240"W x 2”D x 48"H
20ft x 5ft: 240"W x 2”D x 60"H
Estimated Weight 8ft x 3ft: 36 lbs
8ft x 4ft: 39 lbs
8ft x 5ft: 42 lbs
10ft x 3ft: 39 lbs
10ft x 4ft: 42 lbs
10ft x 5ft: 46 lbs
12ft x 3ft: 42 lbs
12ft x 4ft: 45 lbs
12ft x 5ft: 49 lbs
15ft x 3ft: 45 lbs
15ft x 4ft: 49 lbs
15ft x 5ft: 53 lbs
20ft x 3ft: 50 lbs
20ft x 4ft: 54 lbs
20ft x 5ft: 59 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 8ft x 3ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12"H
8ft x 4ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
8ft x 5ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
10ft x 3ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
10ft x 4ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
10ft x 5ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
12ft x 3ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
12ft x 4ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
12ft x 5ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
15ft x 3ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
15ft x 4ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
15ft x 5ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
20ft x 3ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
20ft x 4ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
20ft x 5ft: 69"L x 16"W x 12”H
Display Design Template Click here to download
Display Material Dye-Sub Fabric
Hardware Material Extruded Aluminum
Standard Lead Time Ships in 2 business days if artwork is approved by 11am PT