1. Choose Your Display

Our extensive catalog of trade show displays boasts an array of portable trade show displays, giving you the opportunity to find the most fitting exhibit to assert your presence on the convention hall floor. Simply choose the size of your booth—8, 10 or 20 feet—to bring up the exhibits appropriate for your booth space. Pick your preferred style and shape, any additional accessories, and you’re ready to place your order in just a few clicks.

2. Place Your Order

Review your shopping cart to ensure that everything is in there including your uploaded artwork. You can also view estimated shipping costs in addition to the grand total of your order. Everything good? Great! Click over to the Checkout page to fill in your shipping destination and billing information to wrap up your order. Now it’s our turn to get our hands dirty.

3. Approve Your Artwork

The traditional process of submitting artwork has always been a time-consuming one, mostly due to inefficient and often frustrating correspondence between you and the print company. Here at Ace, we know you’ve got deadlines to meet, so we’ve streamlined the antiquated artwork submission process with the creation of our Artwork Upload and Graphic Proofing System. Once you build your graphic file, you have the power to upload your file to our artwork submission platform, proof the artwork and approve it—all in one fell swoop.

4. Production Begins

Our production team is a lean, mean, display-making machine, pumping out trade show exhibits with skill and precision, and as soon as your order comes in, the gears are set into motion. In well-coordinated fashion, our print technicians and seamstresses work carefully and efficiently to create your trade show display with stunning results.

5. Order Ships

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality printed media and trade show products, so it’s only natural that we conduct rigorous quality assurance inspections before shipping your display out. We fully assemble your trade show display as it will stand on the trade show floor and meticulously inspect the exhibit’s alignment, color quality and image resolution to guarantee that our customers receive only the highest quality trade show display.

6. Receive Your Order

If you’re like us, you’d be waiting for your trade show display with bated breath, vigilantly keeping an eye out for the postman and your precious cargo. (We can get a bit excited about trade show displays.) When your shipment arrives, try to control yourself. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to wow your prospects in many trade shows and conventions to come.

Printed Product (Before 12PM Pacific) Next Business Day
Printed Product (After 12PM Pacific) 2 Business Days
Hardware Only (Before 12PM Pacific) Same Business Day
Hardware Only (After 12PM Pacific) Next Business Day