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Orders placed by 11am Pacific with approved artwork SHIP IN 24-HOURS. Learn more!

24 Hours: Order to Shipping

Orders placed by 11am Pacific with approved artwork ship in 24 hours

You've just landed in the core of the "what makes us special" page!

Well, there's actually a few things that differentiate us from our competitors, however, since you clicked on a link with the intention of learning about our 24-hour turnaround time, we figure you just want to know how to get your display fast! Not to discourage you though, please feel free to check out our About Us page to read about our four pillars of awesomeness!

Now, Realtors, plug your ears for what we are about to say next - "Location! Location! Location!" doesn't apply here! No matter where you are in the WORLD, we will ship your display in 24-hours if you heed our advice. 

What's our advice? 
Feels like you're in school all over again, huh? This is hopefully easier than any AP exams you took, and definitely more gratifying. 

  1. After you place your order, typically within the hour, you'll receive special links to upload your artwork using our InstaProof system. While you're waiting for this to happen, work on your design! It'll behoove you to have that lined up and ready to go once you have access to InstaProof.
  2. The true key to the "24 Hours" bit is in this step. It is imperative you follow the design template we provide for your display and give yourself time to upload and approve - Murphy's Law is a funny thing. The typical artwork file can be large and needs to be processed by our system for production before you can approve them. This portion of the project can take an hour or more depending on the upload size and complexity of the file, as well as the queue of other submissions on our end. Please budget your time wisely, and be assured we're doing the same.
  3. With artwork approval by 11am Pacific (PT), we ship your display next business day. However, if your artwork isn't approved until after 11am PT, you'll get it in two business days.
  4. #Boom: You just got a 24-hour turnaround!

Side note — During Checkout, select Express Saver or an Overnight option as your shipping method if you are in a real time crunch and even our industry-leading, 24-hour turnaround it cutting it close for you.

But Ace, how do you do it!??
Simply put, we don't outsource our printing to other vendors (international or domestic). Everything is proudly printed and shipped from right here in Southern California - for those familiar with the area, Cerritos, more specifically.

Important links that make the world go round

Artwork Guidelines
Design Templates
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