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Circle Hanging Sign 2.0 - Frame

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Without the frame of the Circle Hanging Sign 2.0, you just have a printed piece of fabric with your graphic on it. As wonderful as this piece of fabric may be, it would be even more wonderful—not to mention, useful—suspended above the trade show floor for all to see. The frame is composed of a number of poles that interconnect to form the impressive circular shape. We offer replacement frames for all sizes of our Circle Hanging Sign 2.0.

Please note that this product page is for a Replacement Frame for the Circle Hanging Sign 2.0 only. This does not include graphics or additional accessories of any kind.
  • (1) Circle Hanging Sign Hardware
  • (1) Canvas Carrying Case


Assembled Dimensions 8ft x 2ft: 96"Diameter x 24"H
8ft x 3ft: 96"Diameter x 36"H
8ft x 4ft: 96"Diameter x 48"H
10ft x 2ft: 120"Diameter x 24"H
10ft x 3ft: 120"Diameter x 36"H
10ft x 4ft: 120"Diameter x 48"H
12ft x 2ft: 144"Diameter x 24"H
12ft x 3ft: 144"Diameter x 36"H
12ft x 4ft: 144"Diameter x 48"H
15ft x 2ft: 180"Diameter x 24"H
15ft x 3ft: 180"Diameter x 36"H
15ft x 4ft: 180"Diameter x 48"H
Weight 8ft x 2ft: 22 lbs
8ft x 3ft: 23.2 lbs
8ft x 4ft: 24.4 lbs
10ft x 2ft: 25.7 lbs
10ft x 3ft: 26.9 lbs
10ft x 4ft: 28.1 lbs
12ft x 2ft: 29.35 lbs
12ft x 3ft: 30.55 lbs
12ft x 4ft: 31.75 lbs
15ft x 2ft: 35.2 lbs
15ft x 3ft: 36.8 lbs
15ft x 4ft: 38.4 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 8ft x 2ft: 60"L x 15"W x 9"H
8ft x 3ft: 60"L x 15"W x 9"H
8ft x 4ft: 60"L x 15"W x 9"H
10ft x 2ft: 68"L x 15"W x 9"H
10ft x 3ft: 68"L x 15"W x 9"H
10ft x 4ft: 68"L x 15"W x 9"H
12ft x 2ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
12ft x 3ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
12ft x 4ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
15ft x 2ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
15ft x 3ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
15ft x 4ft: 80"L x 15"W x 9"H
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