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About Us


The Ace Exhibits team would like to take the time to thank you for seeking more information. Ace Exhibits’ aims to provide high quality trade show products and assistance at the lowest prices. All inquiries and questions regarding anything related to tradeshows are both welcomed and encouraged.

Who Is Ace Exhibits?

A tradeshow is a bustling hub of activity where new ideas can be exchanged and products brought to light. Like any activity, they require an amount of equipment, planning, and set up to help make them successful. Ace Exhibits is a professional manufacturer and discount retailer of various products used for tradeshows. Ace Exhibits is located in Los Angeles, CA with a complete showroom and production facility.

The Ace Exhibits business model is larger than simply providing product. There are many more areas of planning and execution that can benefit from having an experienced mind assisting. Planning is an all important step in the execution of any major event whether hosting or a participant. The Ace Exhibits team aims to provide that experience and ensure that whatever a person’s tradeshow goals are, they will be surpassed.

The Ace Exhibits Difference

Not every company can lay claim to extensive experience in the trade show product and preparation industry. Ace Exhibits brings over ten years of experience and service since foundation to bear on the needs of each customer. Each representative employed by Ace Exhibits is an experienced professional ready to work towards the customer’s success.

The experience brought forward is more than just physical products and sales. Ace Exhibits offers experience in trade show planning and logistics, design and production, as well as installation and dismantling.  Sales is but a small part of the entire offering that is available to a potential customer. Part of the Ace Exhibits difference is working to be there for the customer every step of the way.

Competitive Pricing Always

Ace Exhibits strives to make the sales and selection process of trade show goods as painless as possible. A visit to the Ace Exhibits online store allows a customer to see the prices of goods with Shipping and Handling by adding them to the shopping cart. Clients are assisted through the buying process with instructional videos.  There are no surprises or hidden fees waiting for an Ace Exhibits customer.

Low prices and dedication to service are made possible by keeping a tight control on costs. The sales professionals of Ace Exhibits focus is finding the right products or information for each and every customer.  In additional to the Ace Exhibits production facility, prices are also kept low by buying directly from some manufacturers thus eliminating any middle man that would inflate expenses.

Thank You

Ace Exhibits aims to provide a solid amount of information to potential customers so they can understand the differences brought to the table. Naturally, it is not always in the best interest of a customer to completely take the word of a business at face value. Over the course of the last decade, there have been plenty of people willing to step forward and provide testimony to the experience and products offered by Ace Exhibits.

No customer needs to take the word of an Ace Exhibits professional on the information provided here. We welcome visitors to take a quick stop at the informational pages on the website and see what the customers of Ace Exhibits have to say themselves.

Thank you for stopping by!

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